Meet the ladies

Annie McMichael

Annie McMichael

Being from a family of 15 children,  Annie learned to be self-sufficient at a young age!    Her mom,  94 and still at-it, was always rehabbing their old farmhouse - she was the “handyman” around the house! She exposed Annie to all aspects of rehabbing since she was continuously making improvements. Annie has since embraced the mentality that it is not a matter of if you can do something…. But how you can do it. 

Annie has gone into several different career opportunities throughout her life, including logistics, sales, event planning and entertainment. However, since she has owned her own home since she was 21… she has always had a passion to dabble in real estate. After yet another change of career and life pace, Annie went full-time into purchasing real estate around 2007 to develop a rental unit portfolio and embrace her path of “flipping”. In 2017, she took on her most ambitious property yet – a 1920’s Church Complex, with over 15,000 SF… to be fixed up. 

Which brings us here today – literally. Fixin Vixens Podcast is brought to you by Church of Pod, Louisville’s elite podcast studio and multi-use event space. Annie has developed the complex to include a wedding venue, Bed n’ Breakfast, Garden space, yoga studio, and even the occasional late-night concert venue.


Alexandria Bolton

Alex is a 1st generation Italian American, born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs, investors and attorneys that have exposed her to the paperwork side of real estate. At the age of 15, she started her career in real estate working for an appraiser. After some college, she moved to Denver, CO to get certified as a yoga teacher. While living there, she worked for 3 entrepreneurs that taught her how to invest in real estate, manage multiple rehab operations and to always explore new opportunities. 

After finding out she was going to be a new single-mother at the age of 25, she moved back to Kentucky to be with her family and raise her son. At 8 months pregnant and new to real estate - she purchased 10 properties at her first auction, got her real estate license and started her full-time career slangin' houses. 

In 2017, Alex got licensed as a Principal Broker and started her own real estate brokerage, Hippo House. She now brokers real estate in Kentucky & Florida, runs construction projects, and owns a BnB Management company.


Annie & Alex

Their similarities sparked an immediate friendship when the two were introduced through Annie's daughter to collaborate on Louisville's auction scene.  Annie eventually hired, and even fired once (tune in to find out more), Alex as her agent on some of her flips throughout the years. 

Bonded in their passion for rehabbing homes and man-handling the contractors, these two create a vibrant energy that certainly takes over any project they're working on. They have learned to manager their love-hate relationships with their contractors by sharing their experiences with each other... and now they want to share with you!

These ladies are excited to share the laughs, the blood and the tears that can come along with rehabbing!  We have all been there, so let's get real and just talk about it!