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Insta-Worthy Kitchens

Episode 4

The Vixens discuss the do's-and-don't's about rehabbing your kitchen. They talk with Jacob (Denver, CO) specifically about the renovations of his first rental investment rehab project. We also bring our guest, Michelle Besedic, on to discuss how to paint your kitchen cabinets - the professional way. This is a jam-packed episode with great take-aways you wont want to miss. 

5 Senses of Home

Episode 3

Annie and Alex dish on creating an inviting home by tapping into the 5 senses. They also chat about the best paint color for almost every project. Plus curious about how to finance house flips? Find out more in episode 3!


Episode 2 

This week we take a look into how homeowner's looking to sell can add instant curb appeal on a budget. The Fixen's talk with Bri (from Louisville, KY)  and offer specific advice for her colonial style home. The girls go over their favorite tricks to add warmth to the exterior that will surely appeal to buyers.

Meet The Vixens!

Episode 1

In their first episode of Fixin' Vixens, Annie and Alex explain their different backgrounds and how they got started in real estate. You'll learn a bit about their distinct approaches and strategies that have landed them here... Talking with homeowners on how to tackle their home issues with confidence that if they can fix it... you can fix it too!