Exterior Makeover

As referenced in Episode 2 of Fixin' Vixens Podcast "Instant Curb Appeal" you will see immediate gratification of a before & after performed with < $800 for the budget. 

Louisville, KY

Plumbing Issues

Adele’s sink drain has come detached, leaving her no stopper! This is the best advice on how to fix an old drain stopper that has come apart.

Louisville, KY

Masonry Issues

Aaron has a issue getting metal to adhere to brick. Watch to find out the simple solution!

Denver, CO

Bathroom Makeover

Carrie wants to get rid of the "dated" look of her bathroom, without doing a complete gut. See how she is able to update her bathroom with minimal effort  for her upcoming sale. 

Louisville, KY

Rental Property Scope of work

Jacob has bought his first investment property and wants advice on how much he should fix up...

Longmont, CO